Monday, July 2, 2012


Another object floating in space.  I think I did a better job with the color mixing on this one:   the colors are closer to the actual mug than what I've been able to achieve before.  I didn't leave the highlights out this time.  While painting them, they just didn't feel right, but now that I've come back to the painting, they look like they belong there. 

My first 3 paintings were done with my daughter painting across the table from me.  I hope she doesn't get bored--it's fun painting with her and watching what she comes up with.

  • I'm still not squeezing enough paint from the tubes.  The cost of the paint makes me nervous about how much I use.   I'm trying to stick with one paint type/brand so that I have less to worry about.   I don't like the cheaper paints as much--they dry too fast.  I just need to get over this.
  • I'm having a hard time translating and simplifying what I see in front of me onto paper.  I've seen others talk about squinting, and this definitely helps.  It's still hard to notice all the intricate ways light plays off of surfaces and either try to capture it or avoid it.  Everything I'm making right now looks childish.
  • Edges and places where color changes occur (including light and shadow) are difficult.  I'm going to consult a couple of books on this.
  • I have a hard time selecting objects to paint.  I look for things with interesting colors and shapes, but not too interesting so that I have a better chance of success.  Maybe this is limiting. 
  • I'm finding myself looking at things in life and wondering what colors it would take to mix what I'm seeing. 

Today's Inspiration:
Austin Kleon:  Steal Like an Artist

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