Sunday, July 8, 2012


  • Finally put out enough color.
  • I had been using wax paper for a palette (acrylics).   This time I used a paper plate with a waxy type coating and found it much better to mix with.
  • Still finding it hard to block in the major shapes and nail down proportions.  It's difficult to ignore details.   I'm not spending enough time on this.
  • I have a hard time creating the delineation between light and shadow.  It's like I can see it, but can't describe it. 
  • Felt lost in painting a couple of times with this one.  That's a first.
  • At some point, I need to stop creating these floating objects.  Right now I just want to do and not feel frustrated. 

Today's Inspiration:
Carol Marine.  Man, I love her stuff.  Her daily painting blog helped get me started.

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