Sunday, September 23, 2012


I think I'm sticking with acrylics.  The last couple were done using Golden Open acrylics with some Liquitex Basics titanium white because I ran out.  Golden Open are starting to grow on me.  I found these Strathmore 6 x 6" acrylic pads of paper at artmart for $5.00, so I picked up two of them.

I was looking at the analytics for this blog and saw that someone had found it by searching on the words "i'm finding it so hard to paint but i want to."  I know how it feels.  If it's just you with a couple of books and some YouTube videos, it's hard and frustrating.  You can't compare yourself to the great stuff  that's out there.  You have to compare yourself to what you've done before.  Every little better thing you do is progress.  Keep painting.

This painting was frustrating at first.  The colors were wrong, the paint wasn't going down like I wanted it to, etc.  I kept having the urge to go do something else, but I stuck it out and eventually it became enjoyable.    It's a great feeling when the complaints in your head quiet down and you just paint and let it happen.

Today's Inspiration: Picturing Autumn, an Equinox Celebration.  There's some beauties in there.

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