Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Different Approach

Yesterday I tried to do another painting and was so frustrated by the outcome that I did what I promised I wouldn't do anymore--I threw it away.  

In trying to increase the potential for good paintings,  I have been drawing the subject pretty tightly, then painting over the drawing.   I am ruining good drawings with horrible paint jobs.  Drawing is so much more "direct" and controllable than paint and allows for undoing (erasing) what you have done.  What happens between my eyes and my hand when there is a paintbrush in it is baffling me.  I've gotten so frustrated with the difference between what I see in my head and the results I make that I'm going to focus more on drawing until I can figure this out.   There is still so much for me to learn about line, light and shadow that drawing can teach me.  I'm hoping that concentrating on draftsmanship will teach my hands how to work with my eyes.   

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