Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drawing a day

A few weeks ago, Armand Cabrera wrote a post on his Art and Influence blog that punched me right in the brain:
Students spend their time seeking the magical pencil or brush that their favorite artist uses. They are looking for that one brand of paint or canvas to solve their problem. They believe that with the right materials they will be freed from the drudgery of miles of repetitive work needed to succeed.
Man, does that hit home.

I haven't been doing enough.  It's hard to find time for this dream stuff when I have a day job and a family, but I want it badly enough that I should be doing more.  With my new focus on drawing, I'm going to commit to making at least one drawing a day, no matter how simple or complex. Every day I'll draw something, then post it to my Drawing a day Flickr set.  No more throwing stuff away--I'll post one drawing a day no matter how I feel about the results, starting today.

Today's inspiration:

This incredible 9+ year thread on by Jonathan Hardesty documenting his progress of learning to draw and paint.

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