Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slowing Down

Today is just a simple value scale.

After throwing away more paintings, I've decided to slow down.  I'm still having a hard time seeing how light interacts with a subject, and an even harder time painting it in color.  My attempts at painting people have been a disaster.  There are too many variables for my brain to handle, which leads to really bad results and frustration.

Some adjusted goals:
  • Reduce subjects and compositions to simpler shapes/forms.
  • Reduce palette to white plus some other color, focusing on tones/values.
  • Slow down:  see, think, paint--resist the urge to lay down paint before seeing and considering the stroke.  
For this exercise I printed a value scale I found on the web.  This is actually the second one I painted.   I experimented with gouache on the first one, and it came out a disaster (man, do I have respect for people that can use gouache).   Even though this one has issues, I'm starting to feel bad for throwing stuff away instead of posting.  I switched back to acrylics on this one and had a small epiphany while painting it--by the time I reached the top row, I was able to squint and mix a closer tone.   After lots of failure, it was nice to have a victory.

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